Thursday, October 30, 2008

Karl Blau analog recording shindig

This Saturday at the DOS in Anacortes at 1:00 PM Karl Blau will be doing a Analog Recording Seminar. So, pretty much bring any tape/analog recording device you want to be able to work with better and learn cool stuff about it from Karl. At least, that's what I imagine might happening after shortly discussing it with him last night. Regardless of what happens, I know it's going to be awesome!

If anyone is wanting to attend, lets carpool, because the that would be COOL. Reel to reel madness is going to ensue. That is, if I make it after the house show Friday night...we will see.


Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm glad recording has been going exceptionally well, I think we are all capturing some wonderful sounds. Jesse, you are a fuzzy and intricate engineer, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and Geoff...I guess you're ok too (let's try drum re-amping soon).

Here is new studio time! Let me know which sessions work best for who, I think I'd like Tim to take the Sunday session.

Monday 11/3: 8PM -5AM
Wednesday 11/5: 8PM-5AM
Friday 11/7: 10AM-PM (Ray...pre-electroacoustics mixing sesh?)
Sunday 11/9: 6PM-5Am (Tim?)

Addition will be playing a Halloween house show, yes, this Friday. It's going to be absolutely animal house-core, John Belushi(from the GRRRaAaaAAAVE) is showing up, and Buddy Holly(also from the dead).


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Studio Time & Stuff!

Thanks to everyone who came to the session last night, especially Ray, Laine, Joey, Griffin, and Dan for all getting the sampler going right. I'll try and work on the mixing/editing a bit more tonight if I get time after Chris' session. Also, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Cory Schmitz, who has started working on some awesome graphic design for the family. Thanks buddy!

Here is some updated fairhaven studio time:

Thursday 10/30 : 8PM-5AM (Chris Barrett)
Friday 10/31 : 10AM-2PM (Mixing, Patch Work)
Sunday 11/2 : 6PM-5Am (Addition)

The posted studio time is for everyones reference. Most of us really like having our friends stopping by and checking out what's going on, or even jumping in on something.

Anyway, who wants to have a house show at the Thunderdome? Who should play? Nic and I were talking about the weekend before we get out for thanksgiving.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sampler Line-Up

Hey Everyone,

So as of last night, I think we have the final line-up for the Avocado Sampler:

Nic Brodine (Addition)
Dan Onufer (The Jeweled Headband)
Trevor Spencer (About Sprout)
Tim Damon (The Hunting Club)
Steven Shultz (Wetlands)
Chris Barrett (Chris Barrett!)

I'm so,so,so excited to see how this turns out. I'm sure there will be other musicians on this as well, including the likes of Joey Bennett and Laine Keniston (Addition), Max Lundin, maybe some Alex Neidzialkowski (Cumulus)? Who knows. Stay tuned for progress, and for information on how to obtain a copy. Right now, we're shooting for a completely free release.


p.s. musicians, check the last post for revised studio time

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hello Avocadans:
It's time to post the studio time for the coming weeks in October. Here's what we have scheduled:
(Keep in note, these have not been designated as Addition/Sampler sessions just yet.)


Friday, 10/17: 9 PM-5 AM
Tuesday, 10/21: 8 PM - 5 AM
Wednesday, 10/22: 8PM - 5 AM
Thursday, 10/23: 8 PM - 5 AM *possible..check back later
Sunday, 10/26: 6 PM - 5AM

Does this have enough voice for an actual blog? That's what I'm really concerned about, here. I even kicked Trevor off of the computer so that I could make the Avocado blog sound more "bloggy."

Well, signing off...
(Avocado Sister)