Sunday, August 30, 2009

overdue pictures & update

yes yes y'all, it time for some iphone photo magic!

a brief summary of events in the family/my creative life. daniel and I play shows, decide to go under the moniker "skinny whiskers" from now on. we play at whaam, garden of readen, and at woofest and make an about sprout EP of field recordings and a couple songs. nic plays under dr.buttz at garden of readen and the rogue, splitting ears and breaking hearts. i work as an intern/assistant on a swedish band at bear creek with producer phil ek. dan, jordan, and i get the bear creek house, moving in shortly and start pondering our new studio build. new femme uke, pan pan, and skinny whiskers material to be amongst the virgin crop for the new room (let me know if you wanna come!).

more new soon, for now, pictures: