Monday, December 20, 2010


There are some things, that are happening:

- Femme Uke has recorded a new "album" with songs and the hits

- Skinny Whiksers album is, like, done (or something)?

- I now live in Bellingham, work at Bayside Studios (soon to be "Champion St. Sound"). I probably want to record you here. Though, I might move to Anacortes and commute here for's complicated, OKAY?

- The debut Caulfield And His Magical Violin LP, "Before You Die," which I produced, recorded (with help from the good guy Nicholas Wilbur), and even oversaw the mastering (Paul Turpin, Clickpop Records/Bayside Studio) of, is nearly completed. This is exciting, and I'm proud of it's out listen to it!

There will certainly be a lot more things going in 2011 than 2010, so that's exciting. New things!



Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, we made a new record! A new EP from Chestnut Collection, also known as, Cora Anne Glass. Done in an evening at "The Hoot House" in Bellingham, WA, all straight to my cute new/old Tascam porta-studio cassette multi-track recorder (with the help from some old german electronicz...). You might hear me singing and strumming in the background as well.

Download it for free, or pick it up at a show on either cassette (thanks MOST GROSS) or CD!

Also, we went on tour...check out the pictures:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

everything is different, everything is the same

This blog gets more and more personal as it becomes obvious that sometimes (or always), I (Trevor), am the only one who writes in it! WELL that's how it goes, and things certainly are, going.

First, a big thank-ya to everyone who put music on or listened to the first Avocado Sampler. With full downloads and physical releases, there are almost 400 copies out in the wilderness! Amazing. You can still download it for free here:

Also, speaking of which, check that page soon for some Nixon Tooth (Moh Grout), HEKA (Nic Brodine), and Guy Law (Dan Onufer) releases.

So, I no longer work at Bear Creek Studio, which some of you may know by now. I had a great time recording lots of stuff there, meeting great artists, and learning a LOT. Yet, there were some differences between that place and I, so it was time to move on. Y'all should check out the last thing I did there, an AWESOME e.p. for the wonderful APOLLO GHOSTS:
And soon, I'll be moving to the great town of Anacortes. That is, as soon as the new Skinny Whiskers album is done. Hopefully then I'll move on to a new recording space with some super cool people, or just make lots of music and live in an amazing town. Whatever happens, music will be made and island life will HAPPEN.

Gots to go jump in the lake, thanks for reading.

Monday, March 22, 2010


YES. It's here. Available for free via download on bandcamp or from AFR artists shows. Only 75 were printed, and 60 are already gone...looks like we're going to print some more soon. So, keep yer eyes out for a physical copy in local stores (Bellingham, Seattle).

avocado sampler upadate/download delay


The new Avocado Sampler has been born and will soon be available for FREE download. We gave out about 60 copies to youngsters, venues, organizations, music lovers, alike at the Vera Project last Friday for the inoculation of this new fine disc. Unfortunately, our internet connection is being SLOW and the full download via bandcamp will not be available until tomorrow. Our apologies to those who may have gotten the disc at the Vera and were looking for the new download!

More tomorrow!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Yes, you can now download Addition's "The Hallelujah Bird Chorus" and About Sprout's "Your Days Are Long EP" for FREE. You can also stream them right off the page. Please feel free to spread the link to your friends :).


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help The All Ages Movement Get 50k In Funding!

Go to:

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It's that simple.

For more info check out the Stranger's nice little write up: