Friday, June 19, 2009

Long Live The Family

Well, things have been changing quite a bit for me. I'm done with classes FOREVER (maybe,hopefully?), and I'll be "officially" graduating in the fall. I got an internship at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA and i've been working on a new session as an assistant engineer for the past two weeks. Pretty damn exciting for me, I didn't expect to be given work to do there so quickly! Jeez. Bear Creek is absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful and awesome. The perfect atmosphere, people, and all the fucking gear I could ever want in one place. We're working on Ed Harcourt's new album (from England), and it's like...I don't know...inspiring. It's really its own thing, but kind of beach boysy with an extra touch of soul and folkyness.

I'll be living between my parents home in Issaquah and the cabin in the back of the studio. The parents is nice, and most of my stuff is set up to do some recording stuff on my own time still. Hopefully an About Sprout/new project name album or release for the summer. I want everyone to know that I've still got so much love for the Bellinghammers and all the people I've met, played, and recorded music with over the past couple years. BC is a high rolling place($$$$$!), but I hope to get at least one b-ham artist in there by the end of the year. Check out the website if you have no idea what this place is about:

I miss Bellingham, my friends, playing in Addition, playing with Danimal, the kasa sutra, the thunderdome, avalinos (i went to a bikini coffee with Ed yesterday, doesn't fucking compare), wweams, my friends AGAIN, and just everything. Yet, this is such a huge thing for me, and I'm having the time of my life.

Nothing has changed, I still love the fam's good times and music making. I'll continue to push forward with Avocado and we'll make it more and more grand as we all continue to do amazing things with our lives.



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