Sunday, November 22, 2009

a small update

so, lately i've been in limbo between a few different things..or well starting them i guess. there are a few potential things to come in the near future, including:

-femme uke album
-new cumulus recordings
-skinny whiskers album
-pan pan/skinny whiskers split 7" (already in progress)
-bluebird/drew's stuff (probably released on bonerkill records?)

nic and i completed the first real debut of his ambient/drone/found sound stuff a couple weekends ago at bear creek. hopefully we'll have that disc out in circulation soon. i'm not even sure what he's going to be calling the project yet (the myspace says duckfart...i vote for a new name).

oh, and congrats to sarah jerns & the pan pan crew for putting on an awesome show opening for the books last night!! that was an amazing from start to finish.



p.s. skinny whiskers is playing our first seattle show next monday at new crompton with some siq bands.

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