Wednesday, July 21, 2010

everything is different, everything is the same

This blog gets more and more personal as it becomes obvious that sometimes (or always), I (Trevor), am the only one who writes in it! WELL that's how it goes, and things certainly are, going.

First, a big thank-ya to everyone who put music on or listened to the first Avocado Sampler. With full downloads and physical releases, there are almost 400 copies out in the wilderness! Amazing. You can still download it for free here:

Also, speaking of which, check that page soon for some Nixon Tooth (Moh Grout), HEKA (Nic Brodine), and Guy Law (Dan Onufer) releases.

So, I no longer work at Bear Creek Studio, which some of you may know by now. I had a great time recording lots of stuff there, meeting great artists, and learning a LOT. Yet, there were some differences between that place and I, so it was time to move on. Y'all should check out the last thing I did there, an AWESOME e.p. for the wonderful APOLLO GHOSTS:
And soon, I'll be moving to the great town of Anacortes. That is, as soon as the new Skinny Whiskers album is done. Hopefully then I'll move on to a new recording space with some super cool people, or just make lots of music and live in an amazing town. Whatever happens, music will be made and island life will HAPPEN.

Gots to go jump in the lake, thanks for reading.

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TheMagician said...

Hey Trevor! You were behind the board for the new Apollo Ghosts! Brilliant! And Jay Arner mixed it! He recorded my first album. Ha. I am so excited to see all of our pals working together.