Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lovey dovey update yo!

First, thank you to everyone who came out to the Addition shows at the Western Gallery and WHaAM last week, the band had a ton of fun! The Addition album is sosososo close to being done(I should know, i've been working like a dog for weeks!!). After this week, the album will be sent out for mastering, and then hopefully soon we'll get it back and send it out for packaging. Think maybe mid-march for a release date? We'll have a better idea once those masters are back in our hands. Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive thus far, you know who you are!

Make sure to check out PAN PAN next week at the Underground Coffeehouse on Wednesday, hopefully we will get working on Sarah's album sometime in the near future... Also, read her write-up in What's Up?, February edition. Oh, and who's going to Calvin Johnson tomorrow...uhhh...all of you I hope?

There's also an AWESOME show this weekend at Friendship City. Cumulus/About Sprout love set, The Femme Uke, and Addition. ON VALENTINES DAY! Maybe we should call it the Avocado Love Fest? However, this is a very private show, as it is for Jenn Hartman's birthday. If you haven't been invited, then well, maybe you should have gotten to know Jenn? Seriously, invite only kiddos!



Laine Keniston said...

DUDE, you forgot about the femme uke! are we just like, the black sheep of the avocado family or something?!!?

Avocado Family Records said...

DUDE, Jenn didn't tell me! I'll put it up now.