Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm glad recording has been going exceptionally well, I think we are all capturing some wonderful sounds. Jesse, you are a fuzzy and intricate engineer, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and Geoff...I guess you're ok too (let's try drum re-amping soon).

Here is new studio time! Let me know which sessions work best for who, I think I'd like Tim to take the Sunday session.

Monday 11/3: 8PM -5AM
Wednesday 11/5: 8PM-5AM
Friday 11/7: 10AM-PM (Ray...pre-electroacoustics mixing sesh?)
Sunday 11/9: 6PM-5Am (Tim?)

Addition will be playing a Halloween house show, yes, this Friday. It's going to be absolutely animal house-core, John Belushi(from the GRRRaAaaAAAVE) is showing up, and Buddy Holly(also from the dead).



Stewarr8 said...

I'm always down for a session, but I've been on a really f---ed up sleep schedule lately. If I can wake up by 10am, I'll be there.


Trevor said...

Chris left me an email to say that I could only get one session this week, so i'm not sure if he meant the sessions that I booked for Ray as well...i'll check next time in Fairhaven