Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Studio Time & Stuff!

Thanks to everyone who came to the session last night, especially Ray, Laine, Joey, Griffin, and Dan for all getting the sampler going right. I'll try and work on the mixing/editing a bit more tonight if I get time after Chris' session. Also, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Cory Schmitz, who has started working on some awesome graphic design for the family. Thanks buddy!

Here is some updated fairhaven studio time:

Thursday 10/30 : 8PM-5AM (Chris Barrett)
Friday 10/31 : 10AM-2PM (Mixing, Patch Work)
Sunday 11/2 : 6PM-5Am (Addition)

The posted studio time is for everyones reference. Most of us really like having our friends stopping by and checking out what's going on, or even jumping in on something.

Anyway, who wants to have a house show at the Thunderdome? Who should play? Nic and I were talking about the weekend before we get out for thanksgiving.



Laine Keniston said...

i want to hear the song! rough is how i like 'em.

Trevor said...

I have a pretty decent mix right now, but I still have to add acoustic guitar. Oh, and for some reason last night i panned my vocals almost all the way over to the left....WHOOPS. Studio ghosts.